Writing Portfolio

The Atlantic
  • I Ran a Backstreet Boys Website for Superfans (link). Following the publication of this essay, I appeared on Sirius XM’s show, Debatable, discussing the history and phenomena of boybands (link). 
  • Almost Utopia: What It’s Like When Both Parents Get Leave Together (link)
  • 8 Reasons Why Working From Home Doesn’t Make You A Bad Mom (link) named one of Romper’s Top 50 Stories of 2016
  • 10 Texts You Send Your Best Friend While You’re Hooked Up To Your Breast Pump (link) named one of Romper’s Top 50 Stories of 2016 
  • My Pregnancy Is The Reason I Marched On Washington (link)
  • 12 Ways Becoming a Mom Makes You Reconsider Your Views on Feminism (link)
  • Additional Romper work available on my author page
  • 4 Things Your Pregnant Friend Is Tired Of Hearing — And 6 Things You Should Say To Her Instead (link)
  • How Becoming a Mother Made Me Need My Own Mom More Than Ever (link)
  • Additional Bustle work available on my author page
The Belladonna Comedy
  • Confirmation Email for 2019 Awards Show Seatfillers (link)
  • 50 ways to be charitable every day (link)
  • Great Dog Breeds for millenials (link)
Extra Crispy
Hello Giggles
  • That Time I Was In An Iconic 90s Movie (Hello Giggles, link)
Mommy Nearest
  • 12 Things that Happen As Soon As Your Baby Falls Asleep On You (link)
  • How My Work-from-Home Dad Made Me a Better Mom (link)
  • 9 Things I Buy For My Toddler That Are Actually For Me (link)