Writing Portfolio

2021-present: Women’s Lifestyle Commerce Writer for Bustle Digital Group

  • Efficiently write round-ups about all the products you didn’t know you needed for Bustle and other BDG sites, specializing in home and lifestyle items. Work regularly appears on Bustle, Elite Daily, Mic, and Inverse.

2017-present: Freelance

The Atlantic

  • I Ran a Backstreet Boys Website for Superfans (link). Following the publication of this essay, I appeared on Sirius XM’s show, Debatable, discussing the history and phenomena of boybands (link). 


  • Almost Utopia: What It’s Like When Both Parents Get Leave Together (link)

The Inlander

  • How to never fight over the TV remote again (link)
  • Get in, losers, we’re going to catch the Broadway version of Mean Girls (link)
  • I’m missing Machine Gun Kelly, but let my loss be your gain (link)
  • Disney’s Jungle Cruise Has Us Considering The Best Theme Park Films (link)

The Muse

  • These 10 Jobs Are Great Fits for International Relations Majors (and They’re Not All in Politics) (link)


  • 8 Reasons Why Working From Home Doesn’t Make You A Bad Mom (link)
  • 10 Texts You Send Your Best Friend While You’re Hooked Up To Your Breast Pump (link)
  • My Pregnancy Is The Reason I Marched On Washington (link)
  • 12 Ways Becoming a Mom Makes You Reconsider Your Views on Feminism (link)
  • Additional Romper work available on my author page


  • 4 Things Your Pregnant Friend Is Tired Of Hearing — And 6 Things You Should Say To Her Instead (link)
  • How Becoming a Mother Made Me Need My Own Mom More Than Ever (link)
  • Additional Bustle work available on my author page

Yes and Nostalgia (my own Medium publication)

  • An Interview With My Spouse, Who Grew A Man Bun in Quarantine (link)
  • When My Favorite Childhood Author Wrote Back (link)
  • Papermaking is the Niche Hobby That Got Me Through Quarantine (link)

Atta Girl

  • RIP to My Early Adulthood Uniform (link)
  • A Magazine In Your Mailbox Will Fix All Your Problems (link)
  • We All Need a Safe Haven Right Now, And Mine Is Inside A Caboodle. (link)
  • Are We All Listening to Music From 20 Years Ago? Maybe We Should Be. (link)
  • This Is Not The Year For Ambitious Goal-Setting (link)


  • I’m Glen Coco from Mean Girls, and Your Holiday Will Never Be As Good As The One Where I Got Four Candy Canes Delivered To Me In Class (link)

The Belladonna Comedy

  • Confirmation Email for 2019 Awards Show Seatfillers (link)


  • 50 ways to be charitable every day (link)
  • Great Dog Breeds for millenials (link)

Extra Crispy / MyRecipes

Hello Giggles

  • That Time I Was In An Iconic 90s Movie (link)

Mommy Nearest

  • 12 Things that Happen As Soon As Your Baby Falls Asleep On You (link)
  • How My Work-from-Home Dad Made Me a Better Mom (link)
  • 9 Things I Buy For My Toddler That Are Actually For Me (link)