Essay Review

Admission counseling is one of the ‘most powerful, stressful, and least understood positions in the nation’ (Jacques Steinberg’s words, not mine). I spent four years working full-time as an admission counselor, at both a competitive private university and a state school that values access. During those years, I read thousands of essays, met with hundreds of students, and sat through infinity hours of admissions committee sessions. I loved many things about it, and came away with the very specific understanding of what goes through an admissions counselor’s mind as they–as I–reviewed an essay.

Flash forward a few years, and I’m now writing professionally, with an even keener eye and clearer view of makes a strong personal essay. It occurred to me that these two perspectives could help students as they put together their applications, so as of Fall 2018, I’m expanding my freelance offerings and opening up to college essay review with pro bono, pay-what-you-can, and fixed-price options for students and families of all income levels.

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