Hi there! I’m Dena, a freelance writer specializing in both pop and web culture, motherhood, the Pacific Northwest, and anything else that allows me to throw in an occasional reference to boybands. You’ll see in my portfolio that my work has appeared on Bustle, Romper, Hello Giggles, Mapquest’s Parachute Platform, Extra Crispy, Mommy Nearest, and Techwalla, as well as The Woodsy, of which I’m one of two co-founders. Before launching my freelance career, I worked in higher education in both admissions and career services (in other words, essays and résumés).

In between family and writing, you can find me putting too much creamer in my coffee, indulging in synthy pop music, feverishly reading online editorials, or doing nerdy paper crafts, but rarely at the same time.