Speaking of important things from the 90s…

With the holiday season in full swing, a wave of nostalgia has swept through the Ogden home, which we rode home to my parents’ house  for Thanksgiving last weekend. While there, my mom and I dug through some of the old boxes my parents had been storing for me, for two decades (thanks, guys!).

In between the old report cards, class photos, Reflections contest entries and short stories I’d fumbled through, we found a letter from one of my childhood idols, Ann M. Martin. In fourth grade, the enrichment program I was in hosted “Night of the Notables,” where all of the students researched and presented on a person of our choice, science-fair style, with those awesome tri-fold poster boards. Other students chose athletes, inventors, presidents, and celebrities. I chose Ms. Martin, author of the Baby-Sitters Club books, which I can safely say were among the most important non-living things in my pre-tween life.

So, you can imagine how much love a nine-year-old girl has for someone when they decide to make her the subject of a major school project. I wrote to Ann M. Martin with a few questions, and – holy ish, you guys, I can still barely believe it – she wrote back. And it wasn’t just a short, auto-reply. No, there was some substance to it:

This is a legit letter.
This is a legit letter.

Here are some highlights:

I still have my “Name Your Baby” book. It’ was purchased at Goodwill circa 1993, and has a copyright date of 1963.
(In fact, here it is.)
WHAT. I did this! Did you do the illustrations, too??
Amm closing
Her pen touched this page.
This is to show how nice she was. I sent a pre-braces photo, so “pretty” was rather generous.

(In case anyone was wondering, I got an A on the project.)

2 thoughts on “Speaking of important things from the 90s…

  1. While I didn’t read the Babysitters Club, there were a ton of other books that I would have been so pumped to receive a letter like that! My 9 year old self is jealous of your 9 year old self 🙂

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