NaNoWriMojo is in the air

Hello again!

Hiatus over! Yay! The aforementioned writing projects have come been coming along, which means that it’s now time to dust off the ol’ blog and welcome you all back. Take off your shoes. Can I get you a drink?

The weather has turned here in Eastern Washington, and we’ve already had our first snow. When we’re not driving slowly over sheets of ice on the way to work, people in our town are started to hunker down. This means that the last few weeks have mostly been stretching my back after spending hours at my computer, figuring out how to cook soup (tomato basil and broccoli cheddar, check. Not that I’m bragging or anything) and digging our Home Moods blu-ray out of the garage to trick ourselves and our dog into thinking we have an old-timey fireplace hidden behind our TV. Yes.

And, the other news is that I have lots of posts in the wings about just what the what has been going on for us these last few months (and yes, there are writing and non-writing things on the list). But in the meantime I couldn’t wait to say hi. I think it’s all that NaNoWriMo juju that’s floating around the internet this days which has for some reason turned me into a typing machine (I’m not even participating this year, which is probably why blogging sounded like a good idea.

And so, stay turned my friends. More updates are on the way.


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