God Bless the Open Road…or something like that

Friends and fellow writers,

I have to confess that for months now, I have been mentally chewing on plot ideas for my next two novels. And by chewing, I really mean stressing obsessing freaking out thinking about (totally calmly, of course). And then -BAM- out of the blue, something magical happened.

Less than a week apart, I was somehow able to solve the single most significant plot issue affecting each story.

I know, right? What the hell. How does that even happen? Ugh. I want to roll my eyes at myself since I know how annoying that could sound to other writers who’ve been in the same boat.

But wait! the only reason I’m bringing it up is to tell you – or rather, show you – how it happened! Here goes…

Road1 Road2 Road3 Road4

…Road trips.

I’m talking good ol’ fashioned empty-coffee-cups-in-the-cupholders, radio-static, where’s-the-next-gas-station?, oh-look-a-rainbow, hey-how-should-i-end-my-next-novel? road trips. Apparently, I do my best thinking somewhere in between George, WA (look it up, it’s real) and Vantage, WA.

Perhaps I’m not the only writer this could work for (or perhaps everyone else already does this and I just missed the memo?) But either way, I thought I’d offer it up in case someone else may see the same results.

(Also, I wanted an excuse to show you how incredibly mediocre my camera-phone skills are)

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