A writer without coffee is like…a writer with tea

You guys, I gave up coffee for Lent this year. It was a rash decision (I’m not even Catholic!) but one that I’ve surprisingly stuck to. As expected, some days were tougher than others and I’m now counting the hours until tomorrow morning. I’ve also been daydreaming for weeks about what sort of coffee-infused goodness to have first tomorrow. Cappuccino?  Latte? Plain ol’ drip?? Flavored? Unflavored? So many choices! My head just might explode from all the excitement.

That said, you might not be surprised to hear that I’ve been drinking lots of tea for these past few weeks. Black Tea, Green Tea, English Breakfast Tea, Peppermint Tea and Chai. Oh, the chai. Chai Latte plain, Chai latte with caramel, Chai latte with coconut. Even, right now as I type, I’m sipping some Lipton

So, with this whirlwind exploration of tea, I have learned an important lesson that I wanted to pass along to my fellow writers. May these words bring you peace and comfort whether you’re plotting, drafting, editing, revising, querying, or any combination of the above.

For the love….don’t deprive yourself of coffee.

Just don’t.

Drink all the coffee you want, all the coffee you can.

You’ll thank me later.

coffee cropped
This will be me tomorrow. All day.


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