Spokanecdotes (part 2, featuring pizza and book signings)

2 Spokanecdotes to share today, friends…they’re a bit sentimental because that’s what happens after you’ve been really sick for a few days and now have that grateful-to-be-alive-appreciation-for-everything.

A couple days ago was Valentine’s Day, and Mr. Ogden and I opted to stay in and order from what is arguably the greatest pizza place in all the land: Bennidito’s. We had to wait a while for our delivery, which totally wasn’t a big deal because we were scrambling to also line up details and re-arrange what we have going on this weekend (more on that later). Anyway, so the Bennidito’s guy arrives and of course he’s super nice and we’re chit-chatting while Mr. Ogden grabs the food and as I try to protect our guest from being mauled with love by our giant teddy bear of a dog, Sully. And he (the guest, not the dog) lets is slip that the he was actually busier that night than Superbowl Sunday! Which, made me picture, like, hundreds of cozy couples snuggled on the couch eating delicious pizza in sweatpants, which was a wonderful thought I had to pass along. And, one that made me feel good about the city we’ve chosen.

Aunties Reading - cropped
Where’s Walter?

Speaking of feeling good about the city we’ve chosen, last night Mr. Ogden and I went to a Jess Walter reading at Auntie’s, which is about the most Spokane-thing we could have done this evening. I’d equate it to say, seeing Eddie Vedder wearing flannel and playing acoustic guitar in a Starbucks, if it was Seattle. And of course, Spokane loves Jess Walter so the store was packed. After the reading, which was a very entertaining short story called, I swear, “Statistical Abstract for my  Hometown, Spokane, Washington”, Mr. Ogden and I ended up near the end of a very long line, to get our book signed. So we waited, and we chatted with the people in line around us and we chatted with the manager and we waited, and then it was finally our turn…

Now remember, there’d already been dozens and dozens of people going through the line, some of whom had the man get up out of his chair and pose for pictures with them, and all of whom probably got a personalized message in a book like I did. I’d been racking my brain as we stood in line trying to think of something to say to Jess Walter, a writer I look up to. What could I say? I had about an eight-second window. So, I just told him that I look up to him. Because I think, if I were ever in that position, that’s perhaps the best thing an aspiring writer could say to me. And you know what? He actually seemed to appreciate it. So, of course, then I found myself looking up to him even more, and promising myself that if I were to ever have a book signing some day, I will be just as warm and friendly to the people at the end of the line as he was to us.

Then, when we left, I was thinking two things: 1) damn, I should have been smoother with my delivery and 2) I like this town. If one writer who lives here can make it big and make other writers feel good, then maybe, just maybe…

Happy weekend, all!

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