In Which We List Some Good Things

So, confession: January 2013 was not my favorite month ever. True, there were a few highlights, some of which I already wrote about, but there were also some significant lowlights. Perhaps they’ll be room for them on the blog a bit down the road, though for now I want to take it in a different direction. What better way to get over lame life events than to celebrate things for which to be grateful? Some big, some small, and some really, really minor, unimportant things, but things nonetheless!

Things for which I am Grateful – circa February 2013

1) Obvious Super-most-important things: the health and wellness of my friends and family, Mr. Ogden, our home, jobs, and our pets.

2) Alpacas

3) Mr. Ogden’s rationale. In recent history, the following have happened:

  • He talked me out of both 1) getting a hedgehog and 2) naming it Shmoo
  • When I told him I stopped at the store “obviously, for candy and wine,” and he answered back “obviously,” in a totally non-facetious way.
  • When I told him that, if I was in the Army, I would sign all of my emails, “Tanks, Dena” and he replied, “as you should.”

4) Fivla and Vitamin

5) The opportunity to see Mr. Ogden present a film at the Spokane International Film Festival last weekend. Also, speaking of Mr. Ogden (who is teaching class at a local university now): his new professor clothes.

6) Electric blankets

7) How our dog Sully hits himself in the face with his own tale. All. The. Time.

8) This Canadian Band

9) Pepper Spray

10) Eastern Washington scenery  Eastern Washington people Eastern Washington.


Side note: When I asked Mr. Ogden to help me think of more things, he said “Did you put ‘horse in cardigan’?” (see #4)

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