Pumpkins, Scenery, and Someone Else’s Tractor

A while back, Mr. Ogden and I set aside this weekend for something really special. And I’ll be honest you guys, I’d been waiting for this for a really long time.


See, there’s this place outside the city limits of Spokane called Greenbluff, which I think is technically a community of growers, but I like to think of it just as “Happy Place.” There are farms (some with gift shops), alpacas, a wine tasting room, and countless orchards, barns, and scenery galore. A number of years ago, when Mr. Ogden and I still had never lived outside of the Northwest, we routinely went to Greenbluff in the fall to sightsee and pick pumpkins. I thought it was totally normal to have access to that kind of Heaven-on-earth. Well, then we moved, and wouldn’t you know it…

There is no place like Greenbluff in Southern California.

Not that we found, at least. So, I was forced to begrudgingly get my pumpkins from the grocery store. Until today! 5 pumpkins and 67 photos later, here are the highlights:

Inconspicuous chicken says, ‘Relax, visitor. You’ll wear yourself out posing like that in every picture.’
After four years of grocery store pumpkins, it was a lot of pressure…
…almost too much pressure.
Don’t worry though, it all turned out okay.
Spoiler alert: We got more than one pumpkin.
This is when I noticed a three-year-old in a dinosaur hat, with better pumpkins than me. 
Further proof of my theory that Mr. Ogden is crazy photogenic, and I am not.
Oh, hello, I didn’t see you there. I was just casually posing in this giant tractor tire, like a boss. 
This is me telling Mr. Ogden how awesome it feels to sit inside a tractor tire. 
I must have been pretty convincing.
Photo Credit: Mr. Ogden (of course)

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