Spokanecdotes (part 1)

What fun is moving to a place like Spokane, Washington, USA if we keep all the amusing anecdotes to ourselves? In no particular order, here are real, true things that have happened since we re-located:

  • One of our neighbors actually swore at us when we pulled up to our house in a rented pick-up truck carrying a new couch. Why did he swear, you ask? Because we should never f—ing pay to rent a truck, we should borrow his! He then proceeded to help us unload the couch and invited us to come over for beers in his backyard anytime
  • I can no longer wear sweats to the grocery store. Not because Spokane is especially fancy, but because the odds of running into someone I know are exponentially higher here. This might be my favorite anecdote because one may think that Orange County is the place for shying away from sweats in public, which is just not true at all.
  • Which scented soap goes with a moose dispenser?

    Speaking of stores, this is a rack of soap dispensers from our neighborhood retailer. There are no less than six woodland-creature-themed dispensers. Six! So many choices! Obviously, we bought the one of the bear holding the fish.

  • I now recognize that my father-in-law shows his love at the dinner table when he gives me the most well-done piece of meat (that he’s caught and killed with his own bare hands)
  • Family of turkeys (not currently flying)

    We spotted a family of turkeys living a few hundred yards from our driveway, on a vacant lot down the street. I saw one of the turkeys fly into a tree, which was an experience in itself (“he’s flying! oh my gosh! he’s so high! wait, turkeys can fly? is that supposed to happen?”) It looked so unnatural, yet…it wasn’t at all

  • Approximately 5 minutes after meeting and after zero discussion of pets, our neighbor says to me, “you don’t happen to need a rabbit hutch, do you?” Why is this interesting? Because I DID need a rabbit hutch. So, she gave me two (indoor and outdoor, of course). Side note: this neighbor is not to be confused with the neighbor who has the truck. These are different neighbors.

Whew! As you can tell, we’ve been busy. However, not so busy that we don’t have time to enjoy the scenery. Here’s me posing at our neighborhood park (with my and Mr. Ogden’s shadow clearly visible in the background. It counts as artsy, right?):

Until next time, my friends!

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