Top 5 Reasons I am glad to be back in the Pacific Northwest

As promised! For the record, some key family members & friends were indeed a significant factor in our decision to move home. However for the sake of a list that other readers can relate to, I am leaving them out of this one. I think they all understand. 

Without further ado:

5 – The weather. Okay, I can say this because I live here now. Hot. Cold. Clouds. Sun. Rain. Shine. Thunder. Lightening. It hasn’t even been a month and I’ve seen it all (well, except snow). And, because I missed the rain for the almost-four years I was in California, I am pleased to be back in the thick of it. And you know what comes with the rain? Cold weather clothes! My favorite! 

4 – The pace. I actually haven’t missed the high speed limits like I thought I would. People don’t seem to be in as much of a hurry here. We’ll all get there eventual- oh wow, look at the mountains today! Pretty! I need to stop and take pictures…

3 – Coffee culture & wine culture. I work at a rural university campus now (country music at commencement, anyone?) and they still have sustainable coffee options on campus. And the wine culture?  I am no expert, but there’s something to be said for an afternoon drive through the rolling hills of the Palouse followed by wine tasting. 

2 – This views, everywhere. If I take the backroads home from work, here’s what I see:

1 – Speaking of views and backroads…the number one reason I’m glad to be in Washington: Trees. All over. Trees and trees and trees.

Bonus reason/excuse for another photo: a yard for my bunny to play in. 

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