Top 5 things I will miss about California

Friends, it is a ca-razy time in the Ogden household! We are all hands on deck as we prepare to move (I mean that literally, as in we cleaned the deck a few days ago. That’s not a joke). We’re moving in stages, and my turn is actually this coming weekend, just two short days away. I could fill pages and pages of all the logistics we’re juggling but I’m going to bite my tongue because, well, we’ve all moved before, and we all know that moving is pretty terrible, right? Right. No dwelling on that, at least not here.

So, in honor of my final days of living in the Golden State, I thought I’d commemorate the Top Five Things I Will Miss the most About California*

5) High speed limits and the ability to creep up and turn right at red lights

4) Good Mexican food. I admit that I never purchased my own cilantro until I lived here.

3) A grocery store and a coffee shop within walking distance of our apartment

2) Access to the City of Angels, for prime entertainment (including but not limited to…concerts, theater, and award show seat-filling)

1) Disneyland.

Like some wise (Boyz II) Men once said…It’s so hard to say good-bye to what we’ve had.

The good news? Soon I will be posting about the Top Five Things I Am The Most Excited For in Washington. And no worries because it all balances out. Here’s a clue…

Any guesses of the first thing on the list?

*People don’t count. This is strictly about things.

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