Photo-inspiration for a weekday evening

Guten Abend!

I’ve learned a great deal about self-control these past few days. With over 1,400 photos from our trip, I’ve been so excited to share them that I half-considered tossing them from our roof top and letting them rain down on our neighbors like confetti.

But I stopped myself.

Because every time I have the urge to publicly shout about how awesome it was to travel, I had to remember that no one else cares about our trip nearly as much as Mr. Ogden and I…which is totally okay. In fact, it would be weird if it wasn’t that way. So, instead of traditional journal-style entries and photos of us eating regional cuisine in front of landmarks, I’m making an effort to make my travel-related posts a bit more general – as in, they can be applied to life at home OR away, and hopefully readers can take something away from them other than what we did on Day 10 or what we ate on Day 8.

First up, I’m presenting you with some of my favorite shots of the trip, none of which include us posing. If any of these images are enjoyable and inspirational to anyone else, then they’ve served a purpose. Part of me wants to make up some sort of creative writing exercise with them…or let you do it. Either way, please enjoy.

Photo credit goes to Mr. Ogden, for all of these. Without further adieu: