Reality Check

Okay, friends, confession time: as much as I love getting wrapped up in my favorite side project, writing, sometimes it helps to put it aside and remind myself of what’s going on in the real world. And if the last few weeks weren’t the universe shaking me by the shoulders, telling me that there’s more to life than typing, then I don’t know what is. Here is a snapshot of just a few of the ups and downs…

  • Down: Mr. Ogden calling me early in the morning to see if I knew anything about a scary-large amount of money missing from our bank account. As it turns out, I didn’t.
  • Up: After some frantic scrambling and cooperation from our bank, getting all of our money back.
  • Down: Getting that sinking feeling, like there are not enough hours in the work day to accomplish everything I’d like to
  • Up: Receiving an award from a local community organization and visiting an exciting employer in the entertainment industry, reminding me of the value and variety of the work I get to do
  • Down: Mr. Ogden and I were starting to grow overwhelmed by those life decisions that twenty-something married couples wrestle with
  • Up: Attending our first ever marriage conference, and leaving feeling refreshed and inspired.

So, have I been able to write as much lately? Nope. But you know what? That’s okay. Because I was reminded of what else is going on beyond my computer screen, which is okay by me.