How Love Helped me Write my First Novel

In honor of Valentine’s Day last night, I thought it fitting to offer up some something on the topic of love (very original, yes, I realize that). As some of you may know, I am in the final stages of writing a novel. As all of you know, novels are big projects that take many, many hours over many, many days over many, many months. Now that I can look back, I am not sure I could have done it without the support of my loved ones, and of one in particular. In my life, love comes personified in the form of my husband Mr. Ogden, who has been a part of my novel writing process since Day 1 (and about 2,000 days before that, but who’s counting?)

So, without further adieu, here are the Top 10 Ways Love Helped me Write my First Novel

  1. By handing me things, like water and tissues and snacks, so that I could continue working without having to get up extra times
  2. By reading my drafts and telling me they were great..
  3. …and then giving (very gentle) suggestions for how they could be even greater
  4. By helping me pick out a new computer and telling me not to sweat the cost
  5. By giving me encouragement when I was on the brink of becoming one of those sleep-deprived, sketchy writers who look like they live in a basement
  6. By pursuing dreams of his own, which inspires me to keep shooting for mine
  7. By pretending not to mind the hundreds of silent hours he endured while I wrote…
  8. …then, welcoming me back to society during my breaks
  9. By swearing it was okay for me to type from bed at ungodly hours
  10. And lastly, by offering to make dinner AND help with chores so that I could get more writing done (I promise I’m not making this up)

No, my posts won’t always be this mushy. And yes, I am indeed very thankful for Mr. Ogden, everyday. What better time to express it than…the day after Valentine’s Day?

Moving on…as a belated gift to you all, I wanted to offer up a photo of my rabbit in a bucket on a Valentine-themed miniature photo set. Happy February 15!
Your move, Easter Bunny.