Hi, I’m Dena Ogden, a writer based in the great Pacific Northwest.

Some of my favorite writing topics and genres are: lifestyle, arts & culture, women’s issues & feminism, parenting, and anything that allows me to throw in an occasional boyband reference. My work has appeared on The Atlantic, Bustle, Romper, Refinery29, The Inlander, The Muse, Hello Giggles, MapQuest, Extra Crispy, Elite Daily, Stacker, Slackjaw, The Belladonna, Mommy Nearest, and more. I also write contemporary fiction, and have multiple novels at various stages in the works (some are even finished, I swear).

Before launching my writing career, I worked in higher education in both admissions and career services (in other words, essays and résumés). Nowadays, in between family and writing, you can find me putting too much milk in my coffee, indulging in synthy pop music, or doing nerdy paper crafts (often at the same time).

reading from a work-in-progress at June 2019 Lilac City Lit Crawl.
Photo credit: Rogue Heart Media
me in the early 90s. Not much has changed.

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